Friday, 4 July 2014

Leader of the Week

My Term 2 Readers Theatre Group Work


My Reflection:
I have been going to gymnastics with my class. When we go to gymnastics we do it with a year 5 class. When we got to gymnastics, we got into our groups and lined up ready to perform. When it was our turn, we came out and started with our first move. Our routine was very funny. Nearly everyone laughed. Gymnastics is very fun for me because you can just about any move you want as long as they are not too silly and you can't hurt yourself or anyone else. My next step for gymnastics maybe could be doing a ending.  

My Maths Think Board

My Reflection:
I have been learning to use a Maths Think Board. I did a adding problem and was aloud to go into the hundreds because I was in the top group and that is the circles. This was a very easy because I had to put the same thing in ever conner, just in a different type of way. As soon as I started doing this, at the same time I started learning something. This was a very fun thing to do for me. I would like my next step to be subtracting using a Maths Think Board.