Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Term 1 Week 10

Easter Egg Hunt!!!

Last week all the Year 6s had an Easter egg hunt! We were in teams of 4 and we had to get clues and we had to figure out where the clue was meaning. Some were clues and some were pictures, some were hard and some were easy. In our team I was kind of like the brains, I worked out what it meant and I unscrambled all the words.

Each clue or picture lead to a place in the school with a gold Easter egg hiding around the area, most of them were pretty easy to find, but some were very hard to find, one of them took us ages to find.

Once we found the letter we would go back to get it ticked of, then we would get another clue. We had a sheet to put our letters on so we knew which ones we had.

After we found all the letters we were very happy, I worked out what it said in no time, it said "Don't put all your eggs".

Then we were given more letters and we worked out what it said, Charlotte made it like this "Don't put all your eggs in basket". It didn't really make sence but we checked it anyway, it was very close but not right, then I had a closer look at the letters, I checked what letters we didn't use yet, I found n, o and e, then I said "I know what it is!"

I quickly wrote it down and got it checked, I couldn't believe it, we were FIRST! We were so happy! We said we would come at least 3rd but we got higher then that! Our prize was a whole chocolate bar and 2 medium-sized Easter eggs filled with about 5 or 6 skittles but they were actually just mini-m and ms.

"Don't put all your Easter Eggs in one basket"