Thursday, 30 July 2015

My Fractions Work

My Reflection:

I was learning about mixed and improper fractions. I played a Pacman game where I had to eat the ghost with the improper fraction equal to the mixed fraction below. I found this game really fun but it wasn't easy, I don't know much about mixed and improper fractions, well I do but I can't work it out so easily. Again, I find this game fun and good learning so I will leave the link to it below.  :)

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 1: Peggy Sue

My Reflection:

I was learning to use information from the text to compare points of views.  I had to read the first capture of Kensuke's Kingdom. After I had finished that I had to answer some questions and put in answers. I thought it was fun because reading is fun but it took a really long time to read it. I chose to share my learning with this sheet. I thought it was easy and fun because of how much information was in the text. My next step is to think about whose point of view is closest to mine.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Explanation Writing

My Reflection:

I was learning about Explanation Writing. In this image I was putting parts of a piece of writing together. I found this game really weird, I didn't totally enjoy it, it was a little fun. This about how honey was made. I had to do this for a school activity about ''Explanation Writing'' and it just so happened to be a extremely weird game. 

Term 3 Week 2

A new thing has been introduced to the classroom. This was a while ago but we did our school work interdependently. Because of this, the teachers decided to make levels or stages for us. But we call them levels. There are 4 levels. Level 1 are called recruits, Level 2 is called Rookies, Level 3 is Scholars and Level 4 are Masters. Level 1 is where you get the teacher to plan your day and give you lots of support. Level 2 is when you get a Master to be your buddy and help you with planning your day and doing your weekly tasks. Level 3 is where you can do all of this by yourself and you are really independent. Level 4 is where you are level 3 but you also help the Level 2 people with their weekly tasks and learning. I am level 4 and I help 3 other people with their learning. I really enjoy this and every once and a while all the Masters meet up in the morning to have a meeting.

Friday, 24 July 2015

My Tree Planting Recount

My Tree Planting Recount

Today at school, around 11:00am we went to the back of the Elm Park field. Walking there was horrible, the path was all muddy and the complete opposite of silence around me....horrible! Anyway, the trip wasn't that long, actually, it wasn't long at all but it did fell like it.

When we arrived we got instructed to gather around someone named Anna who was from the council, she introduced herself, also two other people named Carl and Paul, also from the council. All three of them were wearing green uniforms that I thought were cool! Anyway, she told us what we were going to do today then passed it on to Paul.

Paul once again got introduced, but this time from himself. He was telling us about the different type of trees we would be planting, there was 5; Toitoi, Flax, Cabbage tree and two more, you can't blame me for forgetting, I wasn't paying much attention because I was just taking photos.

After all the blabber we were told to get into buddies, then, when everyone got their buddies, they got a shovel, found a plant and started to dig. Then they got a Fertiliser Pellet which helps the plant grow. They put the pellet in the hole then the plant and put the soil they digged up all around it.

I was quite sad to miss out because off my allergy to plants, so I helped by finding the good spots for people to dig by. Anna and the others were supervising us by helping and giving us tips.

After we were told that it was time to stop everyone finished what they were doing, put their shovels away and got into a line to wash their hands. I was still standing on the hill where everyone was planting the plants. I was going to take a photo off the kids washing their hands but the memory card of my camera was full! So I had to delete some useless photos to take one off someone washing their hands.

When the time came, we started to line up ready to leave. When we were going back to class it didn't feel like the trip to plant, it felt like the trip back was shorter but it did seem like there was more puddles! When we were in the school grounds we saw Mrs.G who just so happened to be looking for us. 

Overall, I though it was quite nice to take some nice photos of people and get some fresh air. My favourite part was when I said to someone ''Smile for the camera!!!'' and they made a really funny face, it took ages for me to stop laughing. I'm looking forward to taking some more photos and taking care off the environment again.

The End

My Quote Poster

My Reflection:

I was learning to make a poster based on a quote. I found this really fun and easy, it was easy because we just needed to find a background image and 5 quotes, out of the 5 quotes we had to choose one that really stood out. I found this fun because I like to design things and be creative. I hope we can do this activity again.