Friday, 29 July 2016

Term 3 Week 1

Term 3 Week 1

This week is the first week back at school after the 2 week holidays. This is going to be the busiest term this year. Even though it's only the first week, we have already started art, cross country, netball, reading, a new novel, new SDL (check other Term _ Week _ to see what SDL is), bike skills and we are also preparing for Japanese buddies who are coming to our school in week 4. My highlight this week is art.

On Tuesday this week, we started a brand new art project called 'Dice Art' where you have a piece of paper and designs on it. When you roll the dice, whatever number you get, you will have to do a design on a blank piece of your paper.

On the first roll, you do the middle. On the second roll, you do petal kind of shapes. On the third roll, you do some sort of lines. Then on your last roll, you do some kind of different lines and weird shapes. After putting all the shapes together you get a flower. Luckily, you don't have to do only one of each, so you can use more than 1 petal on your flower and stuff like that. It would look really weird if you couldn't.

Some look way more realistic then others. Some look very strange, not like flowers at all. I kept getting the same patterns so sometimes I had to roll again. Some of mine looks like a normal picture of a flower. After doing all the rolling and drawing, I finished mine. I was one of the first to finish, or maybe I was the first. Not completely sure.

When I finished mine, I went over the drawings with a vivid. Now we are going to use pastel or dye to color it in. Most likely dye. Or both. We are still debating. :)

After I finish my art, it will most likely be posted on my blog. I am very exited and I think they are going to look really cool! :)

Friday, 1 July 2016

Term 2 Week 8

The last few weeks we have been looking at and planning speeches. We have been choosing topics and brain storming ideas. My speech is going to be about stopping animal cruelty. It's a very popular topic but I am going to make mine stand out.

With ideas already down and many more in my mind, it will be very interesting filled with lots of facts. I am planning to have 3 medium-sized ideas and then my overall idea, stopping animal cruelty. I have thought about lots of things to put in my speech. One thing is stopping rodeos.

At rodeos, animals get hurt and tortured for entertainment. That's all. Entertainment isn't a need. But it's a huge want. People go to rodeos even when there are 1000 other ways to be or feel entertained.

After I have fully written my speech, it will be on my blog just like the other years. I am very excited and it's easy because I love writing.  :D

The Green Book - Problems and Solutions

Over the past few weeks we have been reading a book called The Green Book. As part of a follow-up activity we had to name the problems in a type of map and the solutions.