Thursday, 24 September 2015

Term 3 Week 10

This week is the last week of term 3! It's been such a short term! It's gone so fast! Well this week, there is no new SDL stuff. We are just finishing old tasks, but I ALWAYS finish all of my tasks really early, so there were other stuff to do, on Monday our whole class came to the mat after morning tea and watched a youtube clip of "Sadako and 1000 Paper Cranes".  After we decided us 50 children would try to make 1000 Paper Cranes by the end of the week! Even though it's Wednesday and we still have 970 to go. So that's another thing to do, then there's writing a letter to someone in Melbourne, Australia. Our teacher is going to be sending a bunch of letters from our class to a class in Melbourne. The year 4s' have been reading a book called 'Pen Pals' and now we are all expose to read it then write a letter to a Pen Pal. I think that you think that I think this is a horrible idea because of how I'm saying this but I'm actually pretty excited to have a 'Pen Pal'. I have made 1 paper crane (I suck at making them) and finished my Pen Pal letter, well other then making it pretty. We also need to check our E-portfolios (Blogs) for x3 Writing tasks, x3 Reading tasks, x3 Maths tasks and x3 Showcase. (Showcase is things that aren't reading, writing or maths.) After all that we can do some normal tasks, for example: This piece of writing right here! This is a blog recount and it's a weekly task. This week we can also do Handwriting, SSR (Silent, Sustained Reading) and reading. I'm just doing paper cranes now :)

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Kensuke's Kingdom-Parent Interview

My Reflection:
I have been learning about the book Kensuke's Kingdom. In the book a child named Michael goes overboard a boat. We have an activity to do about this, we had to make up 5-8 questions to ask his parents, then we made our answers up. I did it with a partner, this is on her blog as well. :)

Term 3 Week 9

This week us year 5s (Room 29) and all the year 4s go to the auditorium in the morning to do some fitness. Today was our first session, but they told us to call it the "Practice" session. I wasn't all too happy about the idea, lots of us weren't but some were, and they were mostly year 4s.

When we got there we made rows that were curved so we were all looking at the person up front. We started doing some star jumps, then we did some high knees, after that we kicked our knees up behind us, after that we did this move where our arms and legs move back and fords.

After all those moves we did some stretches that we normally do at Jump Jam, well not all of them at Jump Jam, we sat on the ground and put out our legs, then we tried to reach our toes, I couldn't but I was quite close.

After the streches we did a Jump Jam song! I was quite excited, I like Jump Jam. I forgot what song it was but I remember that I wished it was something different.

After the Jump Jam song we were intructed to line up infront of our teacher, so we did. After we were lined up the other classes left, then our class left too.

From that experience I'm not too excited about the next session.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Geometry Activity-Tessellation

My Improper Fractions Screenshot

My Reflection:
I have been learning about improper fractions and mixed fractions. This activity was one of our tasks for this week. I have taken a screenshot of a question that I got right. It was easy to get the answer right because I've learnt about improper fractions and mixed fractions before. My next step is to have harder questions and questions that relate to something I haven't learnt about too much before.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Term 3 Week 7

(Groan!) This week, is just sooooooo annoying! Constant rain, freezing weather and it's just been horrible! The only thing I like about the weather is that there's no cross country! :D But still, the FREEZING cold weather even made me sick! I had to stay home for a day or two! I'm glad Spring is finally back to our side of the Earth! The sad thing is that in Spring there is quite a bit of rain but at least it's warmer! So I am really looking forward to next week or month or so when Spring starts to settle because it only just came.