Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Bias and Different Point Of Views

     Women Takes A Stand!                      No Oxygen Left On The Planet!

After years of people realising that chopping down trees was a bad thing, a woman made an astonishing statement;
“What about the need to build houses in the future? We need to chop down more trees to do that!”
The government agreed, and as more trees were chopped down every second, more houses were built, everything so far was going in the right direction.
After the government decided to get rid of more trees, we also lost more food, more oxygen, more plants. Scientist calculate that if this goes on for much longer, everyone will be forced to a new planet, taking more plants and trees, before their the planet gets polluted! But lots of new houses are made for the future, thanks to our ‘Chopping Down Trees’ service.
My Reflection:
I have been about Bias and looking at different point of views. I didn't find this activity very easy at first, I had to go through a presentation about it. I had to write a type of article about something then something else, the same topic, but a little more negative or positive. My next step is to write something about a bad thing then it turned out to be good!

Term 4 Week 3

This week there's so much drama on getting our weekly tasks done, you know why? Because all the computers are flat! For some reason they aren't charging and that's a real pain. I was just able to find one with 31% left and I'm using it to write this now. We are checking the cables and everything but nothing is working! Hopefully we can fix it soon.

Changing Subject:

I forgot my togs today, so I properly have a punishment like others did on the 2nd day of school in term 4. Everyone was expose to bring their togs to put us into groups. I ended up in the shark group. (Confident Swimmers!) Today was the first day I forgot my togs this term and it's because I woke up late because I stayed up late last night reading.

I'm not looking forward to picking up rubbish around the school because I forgot my togs, but hopefully they won't lay down that punishment today.

Changing Subject:

Last week and this week we have been doing a thing called "Jigsaw Art" with our student teacher, Mr. Wright. At first I really didn't want to do it, like REALLY didn't want to, but now, it's turning out to be a little more fun.

Changing Subject:

So this week has been pretty good so far, but I always look forward to the weekends. With a day without school on Monday because it was Labour day for my country. But I'm still really tired from the long weekend. So I'm not looking forward to anymore Athletics like last week on Friday. (Athletics Day was torture!)

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

My Character Description-Jefferson the 3rd

Jefferson the 3rd is a chubby, old lady who talks sassy as a butcher. She also chews with her mouth open and is a little cra-cra. She's only a butcher because no-one else would hire her! She is a little wonky and weird, some people say she's as ugly as a barfing dog. Lots of people think she is Samoan but nobody knows for sure....

My Reflection:
I have been learning about how to write
a character description. We all got given a piece of paper with a character on it, I got this one. We had to get a buddy and write some stuff about it like it's job and adjectives and similes about it. I did most of the work, all my buddy did was come up with the job and that it "Talks Sassy". Then we wrote a little paragraph  called a "Character Description" just like some examples we were shown. After we had finished I put mine on my blog. My next
step is to make a whole story about one character
and it's life.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Term 4 Week 2

On Saturday of Week 1, Term 4, my step-cousin is at my house from last night because she was having a sleepover :D When we woke up I had a shower, it was really cold that night, so it was nice to be under some warm water.

After my shower I got changed and had breakfast, I always have toast and a milo for breakfast... My Favourite!

After all that me and my step-cousin, Brooke, collected grapefruit of my tree, then we wrote on some cardboard:
Grapefruit for sale! 5 for $1!

Then I got my Mum to get the fold-out table while Brooke asked the lady at the dairy if we could sell grapefruit outside her shop, she said yes.

Then Brooke's brother, Cory came. So he sold grapefruit with us. We all walked to the dairy with the supplies and made a little stand for selling grapefruit, but our stand fell over because it was too windy and it wasn't placed properly, so we put it back up in place and made sure we didn't lean against it.

From time to time someone came past and we asked them if they wanted to buy some grapefruit, finally someone came wanted to buy some, we got $1 from her.

We waited for quite a while but no-one wanted any, then someone came out of their car and we just didn't bother to ask, he went straight into the dairy, when he came out he was holding 20c and a bottle of milk. He went to his car, but just after he opened it, he closed it and came towards us, he literately threw the 20c he had on our table, we weren't sure if he said anything, because he barley looked at us, but we were grateful.

After that I thought that with the $1 we made we could get some gum-balls from the dairy but Brooke doesn't like them, she said she wanted a gob stopper, so I just went in with the 50c and got Brooke a lollipop and Cory chewing gum, but he said he didn't want it so I swopped it with gob stopper, Brooke would have done the same but she already but the lollipop in her mouth.

After a while my Mum came by with the van and said she was going to my Untie's and when she comes back she'll pick up all the stuff, and that felt very quick! She came and we all got in and put everything in the back.

When we got home we just left the stuff in the back for another day, sometime soon. I did enjoy most of selling grapefruit but Brooke didn't really, she said it was cold and boring, but it was just like selling Girl Guide Biscuits!

Monday, 19 October 2015

Fact or Opinion Follow-Up

My Reflection:
I have been learning about fact and opinion. This activity was easy because we have done fact and opinion earlier in the year and I know the difference. In this activity I had to tell the difference between the facts and opinions. This activity didn't take me that long because I already knew most of the answers just like that. My next step is to write something and maybe highlight the facts and opinions.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Finding Facts Challenge

My Reflection:
I have been learning about finding information for "KiwiKidsNews". I found it very hard to find out information because nothing really told you when it happened so I couldn't use it. I found it easy to do the "My Summary" because I could easily make connections and thoughts in my head. I enjoyed this activity, even though it took me almost 1 day. My next step is to find information about different things on different websites.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Term 4 Week 1

My Holidays

In the short holidays after Term 3, I had found out that my step cousins were living at my Grandma's house while she was living with me. They were there because they sold their house and was about to move into a van. So, they invited me and my brother to come on the first Friday of the holidays. I said yes.

Later that evening, I had to pack for 3 nights, and so did my brother, then my Dad drove us there, I took my favourite pillow for the drive. My grandma's house is on a farm and it was out of Auckland, so it was pretty far away, it took about 2 hours to get there.

Once we arrived we took our stuff inside. My cousins were so happy to see me, they were right at the door waiting! When I first saw them, I thought a saw a vampire! But it was just paint on my cousin.

I have 3 step cousins, Bracken, Breeze and Reef. They were named that because their Mum is all about nature and art. Bracken, as in the bracken they used as beds in the older days, Breeze as in the wind breeze, and Reef as in the reef in the oceans. Bracken is the oldest, he's 11, Breeze is 8 and Reef is 5.

When we got inside the actual house, we were told there was a possum inside! When I saw it, it was walking around the Lounge. It was a little blinded on one eye. Reef said when he opened the door he just randomly walked inside! So he said it was his, and everyone agreed on it, it was more of his then anyone else. Reef decided to call it..... I forgot what it was a first, but at the time, his name was Nigel.

Breeze showed me the room we were going to sleep in, there was a bunk bed taken apart, so a normal bed, and then a high up bed, but in different places, then there was a mattress on the other side of the room, Breeze said I could choose between the two low beds, I just chose the mattress.

After I got all my stuff in place, I went to the lounge, there was a movie playing. I didn't know what it was called or anything, but it was a sky type of movie.

After the movie, Nigel went into our room, he started to crawl on my bed, after that I hated him.

The next morning, we decided to go down to the creek! Just across the road in a paddock, when we got there, we just jumped across, then we got a little board and went home.

Later that day, we came back, I didn't have any togs with me so I just used some cloths because we were going to get into the water. I got in a few times, but it was FREEZING cold! I got goose bumps and everything! Breeze went into the water a couple of times too. 

When we got back home I think we watched a movie or something, but I can't really remember what happened after that, it was 2 weeks ago.

The next morning after we had breakfast, we went to the stream, I went into the water, but not for very long, we were there for ages, about until lunch, when we did get back, we had lunch, we had yummy sandwiches..... hmmmmmmm....

Anyway, after lunch we went back to the stream, we did mostly the same as last time, going into the water and stuff.

When we got back we played with the sheep and cows that were in a paddock right next to us, then we asked to go on a hike, I had the idea of going to where the pinecones were, so Breeze, Reef, my brother and I went. Breeze was packing the cookies we baked earlier on, and I got toilet paper, just incase we got really far and someone had to go.

After about 45 mins of straight walking, we finally got there, but there were no pinecones anywhere! I was a little annoyed that we walked all this way for nothing, when we walked back we saw the lake we pasted before, there was mud all around it and I feel over into the mud while trying to get my foot unstuck. 

After I got to the other side (I was last there) we decided to eat. I was carrying the bag, so when I got into it, there was no food anywhere! We were all so hungry though.... We blamed this on Breeze, but got over it pretty quickly, after another about 30 mins of walking (it took less time because we were going mostly down hill) we made it back, we told my Auntie what happened, she just laughed.

After everything that happened that day, we had dinner, then my Dad came, he had some more stuff for me because I was staying 2 more nights! :D My brother also had to go home though, which I didn't at all care about. x^x

After that, we watched a movie, I think.... Then we went to bed, I was trying to get to sleep so I could make the nights go faster, and it worked, eventually.

The next morning I think you can guess what we did.... Went to the stream. When my dad got me some more stuff, he got togs as well, so I put them on, after we got back from the stream, some friends of Breeze, Bracken and Reef arrived, I forgot their names, but there were two boys, straight away, we went to the stream.

Bracken came this time, and he actually got in the water, along with the older brother of their friends, I got in as well, we decided to travel one way down the stream, at one part there was a big log or something a I fell over, luckily I didn't get my shoulders under water, because if I did, I would have been screaming!

When we got a little further, the path got skinny and we decided not to go that way, so we went back the other way, there were HEAPS of red dragonflies, all around us, and they kind of annoyed me, we didn't get that far before it got REALLY, REALLY, REALLY deep! So we just went back, after that we went back home and Bracken and his friend  played this game, I forgot what it was called, while the rest of us was just drawing.

There were alot of other cool stuff we did that holiday, but I think I've written HEAPS! Enough for all of you guys, let's just say we went back to the stream quite a lot and my sister and my cousins came, when I got home I went to bed, the next morning I played minecraft!

After this awesome time, I was looking forward, I did some counting and apparently, I breathed 6800120009 times! Wow! And that was only in the day time! (I think). I really enjoyed these holidays and I hope I'll be able to go back again!