Wednesday, 31 August 2016

What Makes me Odd

My class has been reading 'A Wrinkle in Time'. We were looking at the author's messages. We worked out that one of them was that 'being odd is a good thing'. So we did a follow up activity about what makes us odd. I have alot of things that are very odd about me so I found this easy. :) 

Information Report

I have been learning about the marine life issues and making a report. I was sick the days room 20 talked about it but I helped at the end. After finishing the reports all the groups shared their report. Then the other groups gave feedback and then they improved.

Mathletics Gold Certificate

This is my gold Mathletics Certificate for getting 20 bronze certificates :D

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Auckland Landscape Painting

My Reflection:
Room 20 has been learning to make an artwork of Auckland city. First we had to paint yellow, orange and red onto a blank piece of paper. We had to blend the colors to make it look like a sunset. Then we hang them all up to dry. Next we made the buildings and the sky tower. When everyone was making theirs I was sick, so I had to make it on a spare afternoon but I was very fast. After that I got a sponge and did the water with blue paint. Then I glued the buildings on and left it to dry. I chose not to do the grass at the bottom because I liked the artworks without it. I found it fun and easy and I would like to do something like this again.

Monday, 22 August 2016

My Haiku Poem - Flowers

This is my Haiku Poem. I wrote it because we have Japanese students coming to our school on Thursday and this is a Japanese type of writing. :)

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Making a Prediction

My Speech 2016 - Stopping Animal Cruelty

Speech 2016 - Stopping Animal Cruelty
Would you rather be an 8 month old puppy, stolen from your owner then being burned, kicked, punched, forced to eat drugs and left to die, or be used as bull bait, have half your face torn off, get a broken jaw and then be left on the streets to die? Well, animals don’t get to choose. Infact, 7.6 million animals are taken into an animal shelters each year, so just imagine how many animals don’t make it, and imagine how many people get away with it! Because of cruel and heartless people, animals are abused through circus´, animal testing and people that think it’s okay. I don’t think it’s okay, and you will find that millions agree with me. Animal cruelty needs to stop right now!
Reason 1:
Animal testing
A very big part of animal cruelty is animal testing. We don’t need another soap, food ingredient or eyeliner at the expense of an animal’s life. Animals have to suffer through bleeding, poisoning, burning, and more. 92% of drugs that are tested on animals and succeed, are then tested on humans and fail. It’s pointless. People test on animals instead of humans because less people would miss an animal, which may be true, but if we didn’t test at all, then no one would die in the first place. Animals don’t forget how badly they are treated. They do have feelings. Why do you think animals protect their young? We need to stop animal testing as soon as possible.
Reason 2:
Pointless cruelty
Heaps of people, all over the world, think animal cruelty is funny. They don’t think about how they would feel if it happened to them. They don’t think about how tired, sad, hurt or scared the animals must be. Some people like to take their anger out on pets. Others just do it for fun, when it is pointless. Animals die because of cruel and unreasonable people. The 2 stories from my introduction were true! And there are many more other cruelty stories all over the web. Things like this happen way more then it should, actually, it should never happen at all!
Reason 3:
Circus’ and Rodeos
Another very big part of animal cruelty are because of circus’. Circus’ are a popular form of entertainment. But no one thinks about the animals that spend 97% of their life behind bars, the lions that have to jump through fire, monkeys on bikes and elephants standing on their hind legs.

The average circus travels about 48 out of 52 weeks every year. All the animals inside are shoved into tiny cages with only enough room to stand and turn around in.

And to top that off, they get physically punished if they do not do what humans want them to do. Fortunately, investigators have been secretly recording how humans get animals to do their tricks. Tight collars, bull hooks, whips, electric prods and other painful tools are used to punish animals until they can do the job right. Investigators have witnessed bruising, bleeding and even broken bones as part of the torture.
Imagine having any of these things happen to you. All those animals who will go the extra mile for you when you wouldn’t even cross the street for them. So instead of treating our animals like a worthless chew toy, why not treat them with respect. :)

My Reflection:

I have been learning to write a speech. First I had to do a brainstorm and put all my ideas on the paper. Then I chose what I would put in my speech and starting to draft. After that I took it to the teacher to proof-read. I then did some editing and finished it. I starting writing it last term and it turned out great. I am very proud and I have also been helping to edit/write speeches. Next week is the speech finals and I hope I made it :D