Tuesday, 20 September 2016

A Perfect Spring Day

A Perfect Spring Day

Walking outside and seeing lime green grass covering the Earth’s floor. Feeling the slightest breeze passing through my door. Looking in the sky seeing nothing at all. Seeing huge trees, straight and tall. Looking over in the garden, there’s blue flowers, red. What a great place to put a flower bed. Suddenly company comes out the door. They have a ball, they drop it to the floor. Kicking the ball around and around. You kick the ball up and it hits the ground. Looking at the trees, they start to sway. This really is A Perfect Spring Day.

My Reflection:

I have been learning to write a story about A Perfect Spring Day in my opinion. I had to think about the weather, what I would do and about my senses. It also had to be in the present tense. I decided to make t rhyme because I realized the first 2 sentences could rhyme so I did it for the the rest of the text.

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